The Holidays are HAIR

The holidays can take a lot of time from all of us , as a hair colorist working in the salon from early mornings at 7 am to late nights till 8 pm can be hard during these times, taking care of clients hair during the holiday season is hard and time consuming. During these times most hair dresser don’t get to spend to much time with their family’s it’s the time that we give our heart and souls out to the public.

Preparation is the key to not get overwhelm during the holidays I have always recommended to my clients to try and schedule all appointments during these hard times, To keep notes on what they have to do this what they don’t feel to much pressure Moms have it hard they have to please their family’s and friends, shop for all meals buy gift and wrap them not only that but the preparation of the home .

Holiday hair styling by hair colorist MartinRodriguez located inside


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Women’s contouring Short Sassy hair 2017

The way I feel about hair is that very Hair cut has to speak for itself, By adding the right amount of texture it will have more movement and be more playful, the contouring should be done with color tones to enhance the cut specially if it’s framing the face .

The head structure has a combination of rounds and flats on the head, 8 rounds know as high points  and 12 flat areas, Hair colorist Martin rodriguez uses the very important key point to give your facial structure the best look for you. Contouring balayage hair painting or highlighting with low lights are some of the color applications that we use in the salon today.

GET THE RIGHT CONTOURING HAIRCUT YOU NEED! Hair cuts and Styles  that compliment  your FACIAL bone structure.

Short sassy  hair for women ON THE GO contouring hair cuts and coloring for your hair. bY Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez  available for appointments at

Strobing contouring hair Painting

Hair color has been around since the egyptian days at the begging of time the egyptian people would gather plants and flowers brake them down to enhance their hair color tones.

Balayage was first brought from France early 1970  it came to some salons in America early 1980’s by this time we were using caps and foil to highlight hair , Using a plastic cap with a kroshe needle to pull the hair out and make it lighter, this application at times would be a little painful for clients specially with long hair. Foil was the future in hair coloring it was so much easier using foil not painful and the options were so much better the only thing with foils is that the hair still looked a little  streaky . With Strobe balayage hair painting this technique really gave us the hair colorist the freedom to create masterful artwork in hair coloring on any type of hair . Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez and founder of colourwand balayage tools and education has taking it to the next level of coloring hair, Its not just the application one must have the understanding of color placement Martin uses the high points of the head to place color so it stands out and the flat areas to enhance the brighter tones. Hair coloring is for everyone including gray hair the whole idea with strobe balayage hair painting is to vive you hair that speaks for its self and make it look as if you were born with it.

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Dads styling hair at home with flat iron

As a hair stylist the job is never done with your little girl or teen, Ive had so much fun with my daughters hair that at times I have to come up with new ideas on settling her hair . My hope is that this inspires more dads to styles their own kids hair and have fun.

Dads curling their daughters hair with tools from the garage and a flat iron, Hair styling by Martin Rodriguez. How to add curly hair with the use of a flat screwdriver and a flat iron.


1.Make sure hair is clean and condition for blow dry. Apply a blow dry cream and protective spray before blow drying the hair.


2. Be sure that all hair is dry throughout

Take small sections 1/4 inch rap around the screwdriver and heat up hair with flat iron be sure to go up and down covering the whole rod of the screwdriver to get best results for 20 to 30 seconds and release.


3. Continue the rest of hair in the same manner using various thickness of hair for best results.

Good luck dads your kids will love you even more, Ps try styling your wides hair next.


4. Do not brush out hair use your fingers and shake lightly.

Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez 


Hair Color Goals with style

Times have changed drastically the old days that companies through parties for their employees are gone, In the old days we would get clients that would book ahead for hair styling and color services to look their best for their company parties women would get all exited and get dolled up for these events form having their make up done to fancy hair styles that would compliment their wardrobe.Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 8.31.45 AM.png

Bringing us into the new era of hair and color services , Clients are still wanting to look their best. Hair color services are more sought out today than ever before from covering gray hair for men and women to highlighting with balayage hair painting. Hair colorist Martin Rodriguez says that most people want hair color to last longer and look as natural as possible.


Women today love their longhair due to the changes that they can have with long hair ,its easier to put up specially if they are active in exercise.


The younger generation is more into fun coloring from multiple tones to very blonde coloring , some still may ask for fun bright fashion colors.


Tips on hair coloring and ideas.

 Hair Color Goals.

I WANT GO LIGHTER with my hair

This doesn’t automatically mean blonde, But  You can still be a lighter with various shades of lighter tones.
Adding a little sun kiss color around the face line is a great start and not overly done.Keep in mind when we  lighten hair color it goes through a process of chemical change and Its best to keep tones that enhance your skin tone.


If your hair is currently color-treated, we can Add Highlights to lighten your overall look Enhance your Color by changing it two to for shades lighter. Adding back ground color or low-lighting and Hair Gloss to give you healthy shiny hair. Its always great to have a hair color goal and style.


Blond hair-color

Not all BLONDEBCDFF0EE-4037-4F56-8EFF-79E80D3AED69 hair color is the same , Depending the contribution of the clients hair determinants the outcome of you’re color .

The say Blondes have for fun, I say only if the color looks great! Blond hair will never goes out of style it’s a classic look in hair coloring. By hair colorist Martin Rodriguez


Lets say your hair is a level two darkest brown color and one day you have decided that you want blonde hair color, Here is what to expect this is a long process of hair color applications and you must choose the right hair colorist that know what will happened in the process of going lighter on your dark hair.


Dark hair when going lighter will always show some sort of golden tones or as people call it some brassy tones, in order to get rid of unwanted brassy tones the colorist must know how to eliminate the unwanted tones by mixing the right color toner formula for each individual hair color .


Hair color correction takes time and money so plan ahead for this hair color service.


Balayage for Brunette hair

Balayage for Brunette hair

Brunette hair is very difficult to avoid the orange tones when you lighten the hair, Martin Rodriguez understand what it takes to avoid the unwanted orange color that ends up looking brassy.

Brunette hair is very difficult to avoid the orange tones when you lighten the hair, Martin Rodriguez understand what it takes to avoid the unwanted orange color that ends up looking brassy.

Hair color painting balayage for brunette hair natural looking without any harsh lines or stripes , well blended and with the right color tones for your hair.


Cool smoky tones for brunette hair is a perfect combination and color does not look brassy.

Brunette balayage

A variety of color tones can be done on brunette hair from cool golds with violet to smoky ash tones

Balayage for brunettes hair

A combination of golden and smoky tones for dark hair

Natural looking balayage for brunette hair

Brunette balayage more natural looking with dark chocolate and warm tones

Golden balayage for brunette hair

Golden amber balayage for brunette hair with a few lighter slices framing the face.

Brunette balayage with a bit more extreme lightness around the face frame

Brunette balayage with a bit more extreme lightness around the face frame


Red violet balayage for brunette hair


Golden ginger balayage for brunette hair